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I did start a raw materials INDEX back on 1 August 1998 for the reasons I explained in my book. It is up 300% or so since founding. The INDEX fund connected with it is available.

Merrill Lynch has a TRAKR linked to the Index. It is listed on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange so is widely available.   Merrill Lynch also has  other listed  products  such as the  ones   under the  symbols   RJI , RJA, RJN, RJZ

ABN-AMRO has listed an ETF based on the Index in Germany and Switzerland so it too is widely available . ABN-AMRO also has products linked to the Agriculture Index which some find attractive. 

Others with products are: ; for ABN-AMRO ; for Barclays for BNP Paribas

Credit Suisse for Daiwa Securities


Deutsche Bank ; for Lehman

Macquarie ; for Mirae Asset for Sankishoji for UBS

The Rogers Diapason Index Funds trade on the Dublin Exchange.



It will decline if commodities decline since it is an INDEX fund. It is an INDEX fund so no one "Manages" it.

The bull market in commodities may go on for several more years as I explain in my book although there will be big consolidations along the way as there always have been in every bull market in history.

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It's the ultimate road trip. Legendary investor Jim Rogers and his fiancée travel to 116 countries in a custom-built four-wheel-drive bright yellow Mercedes. Over three years, they make their way through war zones, are guarded by military convoys, observe a fifty-million-person pilgrimage, eat disgusting food, put the car on barges for transport between countries, and have their lives threatened at every turn. As well as describing his adventures, Rogers has plenty to say about the economies and roads he encounters on his journey. (Naturally, he's driven on the best roads and the worst.) With his keen financial acumen, he picks out those countries with the highest prospective economic success and which ones are headed for disaster. All in all, a wonderful trip.

"If Warren Buffett and Bill Bryson were trapped in a car with each other for three years, they might write like Jim Rogers." (B.O.T Editorial Review Board)

Rogers, a Wall Street success story who has been called "The Indiana Jones of Finance," once circled the planet on a motorcycle, which landed him in The Guinness Book of World Records and resulted in his first book, Investment Biker (1994). In 1999 he set out on another world-record drive around the world in a custom-built yellow Mercedes convertible with his fiancée, Paige Parker. Starting out in Iceland, the trip took three years and encompassed 116 countries, many of which are rarely visited, in a continuous swath across Europe, the former Soviet Republic, China, Africa, the Middle East, and the Americas. No one had ever driven overland following these routes, a total of 152,000 miles, another Guinness world record. Rogers' insightful commentary on the political and historical topography of these diverse countries cuts through stereotypes to give us a glimpse of the world the way it really is, for better or worse. This is a gutsy travelogue adventure from a guy who shoots straight from the hip, and it really hits the mark. David Siegfried
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