Salima, Malawi
Date: Lodging: Distance: Total:
03/08/2000 Livingstonia Beach Hotel 361 KM 94460 KM

More children playing on the beach of Lake Malawi

Malawi boys

Making friends

Waves on Lake Malawi

The president of Malawi recently decreed that government employees are no longer allowed to attend conferences sponsored by NGOs at resorts, since he says they get nothing done at such meetings. Now ‘they must stay home and work’. We stumbled on one of the last conferences allowed.

Ten people are traveling on this overland truck from Nairobi to Harare.

Overlanders travel organization

This group of travelers, setting up camp and enjoying dinner, told us about road conditions in Tanzania. Campgrounds are fantastic places to gain news about future travels.

Taylor Bates-Rogers, 13, playing on the massive rocks at Senga Bay, Lake Malawi

More than a handful of new brick homes are under construction at Mua Mission.

Mua Mission hospital

Inside the Catholic Church at Mua Mission

Children hanging around Mua Mission met us with, ‘Give me’ and ‘Give money’.

The home of the two ‘White Fathers’ who run Mua Mission

Mua Mission, founded by the ‘White Fathers’ in 1902, continues to thrive as a Catholic community.



  Harness the energy (Jim)
  Kilns for brick baking (Jim)
  President bans conferences at resorts (Jim)