Budapest, Hungary

  • Date
  • 11 February 1999
  • Lodging
  • Atrium Hyatt Regency
  • Distance
  • 451 KM
  • Total
  • 6136 KM

11 February 1999 – Afternoon — After walking through a bustling shopping street, we stopped at an old Austrian coffeehouse called Trexlmeier. I loved the inside, which felt like a large relaxed living room. People, young and old, drank coffee, beer or wine and ate mostly sweets although they did have sausages on the menu. So many people smoked that a haze floated through the room. The coffeehouse offered various local newspapers for customers to read and ponder over coffee. There was no music, just the buzz of conversation. Jim had espresso and I drank a kaffe milche. We shared a Linzer torte and sausage. Delightful experience in a place that I fear will soon die out to modern/trendy coffee bars. Trexlmeier is one of the few old style coffeehouses left in Linz, even though they used to line almost every block.