Buenos Aires, Argentina

  • Date
  • 9 August 2001

Jim’s 81-year-old mother Ernestine visited us from 2 August through 9 August 2001. Just three weeks ago, Mrs. Rogers was in the Intensive Care Unit in Demopolis, Alabama, because of high blood pressure and a rapid heart beat, so this trip was an extremely big undertaking for her. Plus, in February 2001, she had a heart bypass, but no matter, Mrs. Rogers was as eager to join us as we were to have her here.

While in Argentina, Mrs. Rogers toured La Recoleta – where she was impressed by the stunning mausoleums as well as by the scores of cats at the entrance, Teatre Colon – where she sat in the president’s box during an opera rehearsal, the Museum of Fine Arts, Senor Tango, San Telmo and several other places in Buenos Aires. Her favorite spot though was Argentina’s gem in the northeast – Iguazu Falls, which she described repeatedly as breathtaking. And, Mrs. Rogers loved her new wheelchair, which we bought for her on day one since her legs sometimes failed, and we didn’t want to take any chances with her falling. During her week long visit, Jim doted on his mother like a child and I was impressed with his patience and love.