Easter Island, Chile

  • Date
  • 6 June 2001
  • Lodging
  • Tahatai Hotel
  • Distance
  • 4755 KM
  • Total
  • 187729 KM

Town consists of a brick paved main street with small businesses renting old videos and selling simple groceries and fruits, toiletries, fabric, car parts, over-priced souvenirs and food. The tired restaurants are solely for tourists, since locals wouldn’t, and most couldn’t, afford the expensive food (meal for two with a couple of beers around US$30).

We stopped in the largest supermercado (grocery store), since I like to see what’s selling in a place. In all of our travels, I’ve never seen a store packed so tightly with products and people as this one, with aisles not wide enough for two people to pass without angling. And don’t even think of attempting to push a stroller or cart through this madness of canned goods, cereals, old shoes, milk and cheeses, Coke products, coolers full of beer, Chilean wines, a bakery in the back and minimal fresh vegetables. A middle-aged couple worked two cash registers as fast as they could, maneuvering goods and people out, while accepting wads of money. No credit cards accepted here. A large delivery truck blocked the entryway and exit, and a lone deliveryman attempted to push in carts of food adding to the marvelous chaos. This was the busiest, liveliest place in town. We loved it.