Frankfurt, Bottrop, Germany

  • Date
  • 5 February 1999

Bodo Bushman, 43-year-old owner of Brabus (which added more security to our car), took us to dinner. Bodo kept our beer glasses full and ordered enough food to stuff even the biggest belly. Bread came first served with a very thick spread, which tasted like sour cream, with scallions sprinkled on top. I started with mushroom cream soup – Jim had potato cream soup. Then for dinner, I had a filet, which was overcooked even though ordered medium rare. Bodo ordered an extra entrée for the table, which looked like thick vegetable soup but instead of using a spoon, we followed Bodo’s lead and piled the mixture on a slice of bread. For dessert, I had a pancake with apples inside and fresh whipped cream on top. Unbelievably delicious.