Gibraltar (a.m.)/ Tangier (p.m.), Morocco

  • Date
  • 20 February 2002

As we enter Gibraltar from unseasonably warm, southern Spain, I savor the memory of the recent sherry tasting at the Gonzalez Byass bodega where Gonzalez family members presented us two bottles of Millennium sherry (a compilation from each decade since 1900) and gave us a mission. “Magellan took sherry on his voyages so we think it fitting for you to carry our bottles with you around the world.”

And now, we are on the Rock of Gibraltar, with home for the next several months – Africa – visible across the Strait. I find myself filled with tremendous anticipation over the continent, culture, people and history, yet anxiety over the wars, horrible roads and disease. Many have warned me how tough the journey will be in Africa. I know some days will exceed my dreams, while others will sadden, sicken and sour me. Already, I know I have become an addict of this nomadic lifestyle. I want to move. I want to see. I want to learn. I want to meet. I want to listen. I want to question. I want to taste. I want to explore. Africa, are you ready?