Hiroshima, Japan

  • Date
  • 3 June 1999

Hiroshima is known for okonomi-yaki so we headed out for this dinner, which turned out to be one of the best meals I’ve eaten on the trip. Okonomi-yaki is harder to say than make. On a grill, the cook drops batter and makes a small pancake. Then cabbage and bean sprouts follow and the creation continues to grill. After a couple of minutes, the cook adds pieces of pork (which looked like bacon) and tops this with another pancake. Then a fried egg is placed on top along with thick Japanese noodles, which look like fettuccini. A sweet sesame brown sauce is poured over the mound and many small green onions complete the masterpiece. In addition to pork, my okonomi-yaki had shrimp and Jim’s had squid and shrimp. The locals add heaps of mayonnaise to the top, but I passed on the white stuff. Jim and I both loved every morsel of this meal. Later in the trip I learned that people in Tokyo do not add noodles to their okonomi-yaki nor do they regard this as a meal, instead eating it as a snack.