Ichon (a.m.) / Andong (p.m.), South Korea

  • Date
  • 25 May 1999
  • Lodging
  • Park Tourist Hotel
  • Distance
  • 218 KM
  • Total
  • 22872 KM

After checking into only hotel in town, wanted to see Andong Folk Village so a hotel employee offered to drive us there. On the way, he suggested the best local ‘spicy’ Korean food and we said no, we’d like to eat at Andong.

I’d read that in the Folk Village people opened their homes and offered delicious dinners. Well, the Lonely Planet Guide Book got it wrong – perhaps they meant Hahoe Folk Village, but Andong was closed. The driver took us to the ‘spicy’ restaurant located on a dirt road on the top of a mountain. At one point I did think, where in the world are we headed? Once we arrived, I was very pleased. This was a true Korean place — a dive or hole in the wall, as my Father might say. We walked toward the door and I stopped to listen to the loud constant humming of the frogs outside. Then we dropped our shoes before heading into the ‘dining room’. We ate spicy fish soup and spicy chicken soup plus steamed rice and of course local Height beer. Also, we bought a bottle of local Andong Soju, which was absolutely horrid – much worse than the Soju I’d had in Seoul.