Papeete, French Polynesia

  • Date
  • 27 June 2001

27 June 2001 – Wait, I’ve been wrong about French Polynesia. The island of Tahiti may be a disappointment, but Bora Bora looks as idyllic and paradise-like as expected. Here bikes, scooters and mini-cars are for hire allowing tourists to dart around the tiny island. And water sports – rowing, skiing, para-sailing, yachting, cruising, jet-skiing, kayaking – are all here in abundance, as are expensive over-water bungalows, a few tourist shops, black pearl boutiques, an artisans market at the wharf and costly restaurants spread from one end of the island to the other. There isn’t much more on the tranquil land surrounded by crystal-clear, sapphire-like water, but I figure most come here for this reason alone.