Positano, Italy

  • Date
  • 6 November 1999

Dinner at a restaurant overlooking the Mediterranean. We ate spinach in butter, ravioli in tomato sauce, grilled fish and a wine from the area – Furore (1995 reserve). I’d read that the grapes grown in Furore are the best along the Amalfi – partly because they are difficult to cultivate in the fiord-like location and thus they receive superb care. The grapes make a light red color wine and our Furore was more transparent than most reds I’ve tasted, but this Furore had enough body to please both Jim and me and we like a very full red wine. I’ve been told these grapes don’t travel well so perhaps you should try this wine on your next visit to the Amalfi Coast.

Before the evening concluded, we met a honeymooning couple seated next to us. Carol and John Wagner from Kansas City were spending two weeks touring Italy and enjoying a great time together. With compliments the restaurant sent all of us a small glass of Lemoncello, a local specialty liquor (lemons grow in abundance in this coastal region). This sweet yet sour drink is served cold in a frosty glass.

Lemoncello Recipe:
Place lemon peel into alcohol for five days.
Then add peel to sugar and alcohol.
Mix and add water.

5 or 6 kg of lemon
1.5 litters alcohol
1 kg. Sugar
3 litters of water