Riga, Latvia (a.m.) / Tallinn, Estonia (p.m.)

  • Date
  • 10 September 1999
  • Lodging
  • Palace Hotel
  • Distance
  • 319 KM
  • Total
  • 39847 KM

Population of Estonia: 1.5 million. Sixty-five percent are Estonian and 32% Russian speaking.

Tallinn population: 430,000.

President of Estonia makes a salary of US$18,000.

Typical dishes are centered on pork, potatoes and vegetables. Spicy Estonian food does not exist. The national cuisine originated in the countryside and from the Germans, who presided over the country for centuries. Typical Estonian food:

LEIB, black bread, is a staple so cherished by the Estonians that the meat in a meal is served merely to have ‘something to go with the bread’.

KARTULID, potatoes, are present at every meal.

KOTLETT, which is a meat patty topped with onions, is the Estonian hamburger.

VERIVORST, blood sausage, is a Christmas specialty.

SUIT, jellied meat, is like haggis from Scotland. If you don’t know what is in this dish, don’t learn and just try it. Jim loves it.

KRINGEL, which is a sweet German-style knotted bread with nuts and raisins, is a must on birthdays.

SAKU is the most popular beer in Estonia.