Seville, Spain

  • Date
  • 15 February 2000

‘Catedral de Sevilla’, begun in 1401, is one of the largest in the world and houses more than 500 works of art from the 16th and 17th centuries reflecting the massive riches enjoyed by Sevilla when it had a monopoly on trade with the New World. The Chancel inside Catedral de Sevilla is a lavish, delicately carved Flemish altarpiece with brilliant gold leaf. A large 19th century monument holds the remains of Christopher Columbus – or so they say (The Dominican Republic also claims his grave.) Attached to the cathedral is La Giralda, which began as a minaret in the 12th century. An earthquake in 1355 destroyed much of it, but later in the 16th century, Christians added a new bell tower atop the remnants of the minaret. The view from 98 meters (322 feet) high in Giralda reveals all of romantic, glorious Sevilla.