Xinyang, China

  • Date
  • 22 April 1999

22 April 1999 – For dinner, Jim and I walked along the streets and found a restaurant where the workers were delighted to have two foreigners present. They brought around dim sum and dishes a la carte. Jim walked around and ordered things he saw others eating – he’s a real hit when he does this. The spicy chicken included more bones than meat, but the steamed rice and green beans with garlic were excellent. We drank cold draft beer and listened to the entertainment. A man – in his mid 30s – played a great rendition of ‘Auld Lang Syne’ on what looked to be a wooden flute. I tried to tip him, but he refused. He played the song again and Jim and I signed a $2 US dollar as a souvenir, which he seemed to think was more appropriate than a tip of his local currency. The performer gave me the necklace he was wearing – a silk string holding a plastic heart with a Buddha on it.