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On the Road with Jim Rogers

In 1990 Jim and his friend Tabitha set out to circle the globe on a pair of BMW motorcycles. Not simply to travel, but to learn about the worlds developing countries and investment markets by actually seeing them from the ground up.

It took twenty-two months, but together they drove 105,000 kilometres on land and travelled thousands more on sea, air, barge and rail links across six continents, setting a world record for land travel on the way. Investment Biker is the story of this amazing trip, and it’s about the world economy and society – who’s sinking and who’s swimming, which countries are on the rise and which are collapsing, where you can make a million and where you could lose one. Every place he stopped in the trip, Rogers talked to businessmen, bankers, investors, and regular people, and learned reams of information that you’d never learn from reading the financial pages or any periodicals.

All in all, it’s quite a ride. Investment Biker not only thrills with its account of the journey of a lifetime but provides the tips that just might allow you to pay for a trip just like it.

The Book

Investment Biker: On the Road with Jim Rogers (Random House) is available in hard cover and soft cover. You can order it from your local bookstore, or call (800) 272-2855 to order direct. To order over the Internet, link to

In Germany, you can call (+49) 09221 9051 0 or e-mail

In the UK you can call (+44) 01243 779777.

The Videos

The Long Ride: In this incredible video you’ll ride with Jim on the stretch wherein he makes the world’s first motorcycle trip across China. He begins in Shanghai on the Pacific Ocean and travels the ancient and exotic Silk Route through the remote villages of Western China to the Karakoram Pass into Pakistan. An unforgettable journey to a world of mystery and intrigue. With charm and flat-footed American wit, Rogers breaks down the “China Wall” introducing us to the remarkable people and spectacular places of China.

The Party’s Over: In this fascinating video you’ll ride with Jim and Tabitha on their bikes on the stretch wherein they make the world’s first motorcycle trip across the USSR – from the Pacific via Siberia to the Polish border. A remarkable (and amazingly complicated) journey through the forbidden territory. With humour and sheer force of will, they break through the “Iron Curtain” introducing us to intriguing people and the spectacular places of Russia.

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