Adventure Routes
22 June 2001 - Punaauia
Crossing the dateline allowed us to celebrate today twice. Read More
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It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page
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5 Jan 2002 - New York
We made it! This is day 1101 of our three-year journey and we have reached home. Read More
28 Dec 2001 - Atlanta
It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page Read More
27 Dec 2001 - Tuscaloosa
Rogers Family Cemetery in Letahatchee Read More
27 Dec 2001 - Tuscaloosa
Mrs. Wood was right at home in our car! Read More
19 Dec 2001 - Norman
We enjoyed dinner with John Ernest Wagner, who turned 75 today. Read More
18 Nov 2001 - Salt Lake City
On our walk to dinner, we spotted a horse and carriage and asked the driver directions to our restaurant.
26 Nov 2001 - Whitehorse
Alaskan king crab Read More
22 Nov 2001 - Whitecourt
Miraculously, I found a turkey dinner in a small town in northern Alberta. Read More
21 Nov 2001 - Calgary
Public art in downtown Calgary Read More
28 June 2001 - Papeete
Traditional outriggers raced one another in the first of a two-day event, which began this morning at 8 a.m. in Papeete Harbor. Hundreds participated. Read More
22 July 2001 - Cerro Sombrero
Back into Chile – perhaps for our last night on this trip. Read More
12 July 2001 - Puyehue
Puyehue, Chile Read More
12 July 2001 - Puyehue
Puerto Montt is known as the end of civilization since only 80,000 Chileans live further south and few good roads proceed south from here. Read More
9 July 2001 - Santiago
The happiest street vendor I've encountered, Paulo, waits for his next customer. Read More
22 August 2001 - Salta
A boy in the Chaco Read More
9 August 2001 - Buenos Aires
Jim’s 81-year-old mother Ernestine visited us from 2 August through 9 August 2001. Read More
24 July 2001 - El Calafate
Driving into El Calafate, we saw hundreds of guanaco, llama-like animals. Read More
3 June 2001 - Sydney
Sharks are a big draw inside the aquarium. Read More
27 May 2001 - Yarralumla
Yarralumla, Australia Read More
26 May 2001 - Melbourne
Neil O’Keefe is a motorcycle and travel enthusiast as well as being an MP. Read More
22 May 2001 - Portland
This giant lobster is for sale in Kingston.Read More
4 May 2001 - Perth
Chili mussels from Fremantle and squid straight out of the Indian Ocean. Read More
5 June 2001 - Port Villa
Like in most of the world, buses are pretty tight at rush hour. Read More
21 June 2001 - Auckland
An exquisite presentation by Antoine’s Restaurant in Parnell of beef, egg and potatoes Read More
13 June 2001 - Blenheim
Picton is the first town one sees when crossing via ferry from the North Island.Read More
12 June 2001 - Wellington
Crab ravioli in a Thai sauce at the White House in Wellington’s Oriental Bay. Read More
10 June 2001 - Taupo
Huka Falls are New Zealand’s most popular tourist destination.Read More
24 Feb 1999 - Tbilisi
Bizarre architecture outside of Tbilisi Read More
23 Feb 1999 - Batumi
A view of Batumi, showing the potential for this run-down town Read More
10 Mar 1999 - Charjou
Inside Bibi-Khanym Mosque – local lure says any woman who climbs under this stone will have lots of children.Read More
7 Mar 1999 - Ashgabat
Imagine a market the size of three football fields packed with thousands of people buying and selling breads and sweets, Read More
17 May 1999 -Yellow Sea
Yellow Sea, China Read More
29 Apr 1999 -Shanghai
Shanghai is undergoing one of the fastest economic expansions that the world has ever seen. Read More
20 Apr 1999 -Luoyang
We dined in a restaurant that had 25 different kinds of mushrooms on display. We asked for one plate full of the best three mushrooms; instead we received three plates of mushrooms. Read More
18 Apr 1999 -Xian
Who needs traffic lights when a country has 1.3 billion people? Read More
15 Apr 1999 -Pingliang
Jim with a Taoist follower. Read More
21 February 2001 - Kolkata
Too many old structures are crumbling in Calcutta.Read More
8 November 2000 - Cairo
31 October 2000 - Hurghada
27 Mars 2000 -Kololi
Firewood for sale along the Senegambia highwayRead More
24 April 2000 - Lome
24 April 2000 - L'Auberge Provencale, run by 79 year old Frenchman Andre Potron, is a true jewel. Andre, a Lome resident for 40 years, left retirement and bought the restaurant in November 1999.Read More
27 June 2000 - Cape Town
Lately time is passing too quickly. Phones work well, electricity is constant, roads are fast, sights are everywhere - we get caught up doing so much that time to smell the roses becomes a rare luxury. Read More