New York, NY, USA

  • Date
  • 5 January 2002
  • Distance
  • 458 KM
  • Total
  • 245544 KM

We made it! This is day 1101 of our three-year journey and we have reached home, for the first time since 28 December 1998 when we set off for Iceland. Jim drove, cautiously, the entire time today, from Washington to New York City. Once Manhattan was in view, I looked towards downtown noticing the missing Twin Towers and the gap left in a once more lofty, jagged skyline.

Seeing New York again put my recent blues over the finale of our journey on the back burner, as I could barely contain my excitement over finally arriving home and having been successful in our three-year drive around the world. Before making the last stop, we idled by the exquisite Riverside Church and then over to the Cathedral St. John the Divine, still under construction after more than 100 years. Postponing the inevitable no longer, we drove up to our door and stopped. We were home. No balloons, no fanfare, no revelry, just an ending, but, oh my goodness, I was darned proud of us. And I know that now, after this three-year education, tutored to me by the World, I am a different person than the one who departed these doors 1101 days ago. I wonder if anyone else will know.