Positano, Italy

  • Date
  • 5 November 1999
  • Lodging
  • Le Sirenuse
  • Distance
  • 348 KM
  • Total
  • 45386 KM

Le Sirenuse’s restaurant is perhaps my favorite thus far on our journey. The view overlooks Positano’s mountainside houses and the magical, blue and green Mediterranean. Old-fashioned wrought iron candleholders with 10 white candles resemble a wet flower shimmering in full bloom on a sunny day. Music strums from a strolling guitarist, the crystal and china glisten over white, linen tablecloths and the attentive waiters are easy on my eyes. To top all, the food is mouth-watering. Jim and I both ate shrimp salad, with no fewer than 20 baby shrimp piled high atop lettuce sprinkled with a light lemon and oil drizzling. Then we ate simple risotto, with Parmesan cheese and black pepper, so divine I wanted it to last forever. Jim then ate grilled turbot fish and we ended the meal by sharing a cheese plate, while sipping a local Campania white wine.

Later, we joined the owner, 72-year-old Franco Sersale, his son Antonio, his daughter-in-law Carla and niece Giulia for a nightcap. Franco, with impeccable manners, is well traveled, well read and a real charmer. Franco pointed out, “John Steinbeck loved Positano and Le Sirenuse, which my father ran in those days. You know Mr. Steinbeck wrote about this special place in the 1950s. In fact, he put us on the map.”