Pune (a.m.) / Mumbai (p.m.), India

  • Date
  • 3 February 2001
  • Lodging
  • The Oberoi
  • Distance
  • 189 KM
  • Total
  • 143290 KM

Khyber is a fantastic Indian restaurant in south Mumbai with traditional décor and delicious food. No matter where we eat in India, we’re always warned, ‘This is very spicy,’ and Khyber was no exception, but we really adore the punch of Indian food. I think the Indians may have the best breads in the world and generally we begin an evening meal with papad, a thin, crunchy baked or fried snack, much like a chip, made from pureed lentil beans, which are peppered and spiced. After eating far too much papad washed down with locally made Kingfisher beer, Jim ate chicken handi (boneless pieces of chicken in spicy tomato-based gravy), cauliflower masala (marinated in spices) and vegetable biryani (baked not fried), and I devoured tandoori prawns (baked in a tandoori clay oven) and mushroom and baby corn masala (spicy!). During our meal we munched on onion kulcha – another tasty baked bread made of wheat and stuffed with grilled onions. Really, we can’t get enough of Indian food.