Wadi Halfa, Sudan

  • Date
  • 19 October 2000

The highlight of Jim’s birthday came late afternoon after he’d spent several hours desperately trying to make the barge leave for Egypt, but to no avail. I suggested we go to the small store that sells 7Up, since the two shops near us that offer cold Pepsi were closed. In the late afternoon intense sun, we drove slowly over dusty paths to the corner store, bought two 7Ups and sat outside on shaded stones drinking our treats. The shop worker tried not to stare at us, but he appeared a bit bewildered over two foreigners showing up in such a unique car, ordering 7Up and sitting outside to drink them. Ice filled our canned drinks prolonging our enjoyment for over half an hour. Only here in Wadi Halfa, such a slow paced lazy town, would or could we revel in such a simple pleasure as sipping a cold 7Up.